Thursday, April 4, 2013

London Part 2: Where Sam Finds the Love of Her Life

I always wanted a picture like that.

Yes, on my second day in London, Sam and Michelle took me on a wonderful sight-seeing tour.

But first, a bit of blasphemy on my part. I went to Starbucks. I know. I'm in Europe and I went to Starbucks.

But let me just say, it was great. In London, you can get a drink "for here" or "to go." That means that I got a MASSIVE venti mug of tea. I could not have been happier.

First, we saw Potted Potter. I had wanted to see this show when it was showing in New York, but I didn't get to. Luckily, they happened to be in town while I was!

The show was silly and adorable, run by two dorky guys that I would totally be best friends with.

Next, lunchtime.

We went to Pizza Express. I got the "Da Morire" (To Die For) pizza. Soooooo good. With leeks, pancetta, blue cheese, and other goodies.

Michelle had Margherita Pizza and a side salad.

And Sam had a pizza I can't remember and a salad.

Michelle looked like the chefs. It was funny. But she wouldn't pose with them, so I had to take a sneaky picture.

Next, we went to the street that Diagon Allley is based on!

I think this is Trafalgar Square.

These guys were there.

The London Eye! I thought I had been on this when I was younger, but my mommy told me I made that up.

Big Ben!

Then Westminster Abbey.

Awesome selfie picture.

Sam mocking people's poses right in front of their faces.

This is the bridge that got ripped up by Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

That's my scared face.

They sell candied nuts on each end of the bridge. Yum.

Dinner time! We went to Las Iguanas. I haven't had Mexican food in forever. Being in London was like being at home, in terms of food at least--not in terms of the random palaces you find on every corner.

I wasn't super happy with my mojito. But I drank it anyway.

Sam had a wonderfully fruity drink.

For an appetizer we had these fried potatoes that came with a delicious hot sauce that I could have eaten with a spoon it was so good.

Dinner was delicious. I got two tortillas filled with a black bean thing and topped with a spicy coconut and butternut squash concoction. And a side of my favorite corn dish--corn on the cob coated with queso fresco and delicious spices.

Sam also found her future husband/love of her life there. The table next to us were being assholes so we left comment cards apologizing for them. Then I left my souvenirs there by accident. When Sam called the restaurant, the manager--Stewart--answered and recognized us as the "Americans that left the comment cards."

Long story short, when Sam and I arrived to collect my souvenirs, he gave us a hug and said "thanks for the kind words."

Long story short, Sam is currently preparing her wedding to Stewart.

Next time on the blog, we go to Oxford! And I eat porridge. It was a big deal.


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