Tuesday, April 2, 2013

London Part 1: Why Can't They Pick a Song???

Look at that lovely lady!

That's right, I've been in London (now Edinburgh) since last Thursday, meaning that I'm getting to see all my best buddies!

As you can see, Sam was intoxicated for most of my visit. I just can't get that girl away from alcohol these days...

Anyways, before I saw Sam and Michelle, I had to get to London. This was more difficult than expected. Mostly because Italy is ridiculous, as usual. I received an email the night before my flight saying I needed to go to a special check-in desk for Ryanair. At the Bologna airport, this desk is the "New East Terminal"--a separate building from the airport.

Long story short, I eventually asked for help and a lady told me to take the "yellow train" to the terminal. I was slightly confused since I wasn't at a train station, and then I saw this beauty.

A picture is worth 1000 words.

I eventually arrived safely and went to my hostel. And this building was right across from my hostel.

God Europe is cool.

Then Sam and I reunited and went out for some bar trivia. We both got a pint of cider.

And we seem to have been at least partially intoxicated. At one point, the DJ played clips from three different songs.

Sam and Meri-- *listening to the shortened clips*
Sam- "Wow, they're really having trouble choosing a song."
Meri- "Haha I know. So annoying."
Announcer- "OK, so to repeat, the answers to 28, 29, and 30 are the name and artist of each of those songs."

We came in last place.

We got yummy food though! Sam had fish and chips.

I had shepherd's pie.

That's my devouring face.

Preview for my next post: Sam and Michelle show Meri the "Best Of" London.


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