Friday, February 22, 2013

Why Are All The Stores Closed?

Yeah, they definitely won't be happy about that picture. I'm not doing well with taking flattering photos lately. Well, anyways, this is Brad and Melissa enjoying their first ever gnocco fritto! And they totally doubted me when I said it was really yummy. They thought it would be greasy and disgusting.

Which begs the question, do I usually enjoy food that is greasy and disgusting???

Considering that half of my diet consists of apples and pearled barley, I think not.

Most of Melissa and Brad's visit to Modena involved eating. And not necessarily because that's the only thing to do here. More because it was snowing and we were freezing and soaking wet and just wanted somewhere warm to sit.

For lunch, we went to Pizza Al Taglio.

They got pizza. I got a salami and parmigiano panino. I've had so much pizza that I usually go for a sandwich.

Those are faces of joy.

Around 3 o'clock, Melissa and Brad discovered what it's like to live in Modena. We were cold and full and wanted to do some shopping.

I didn't realize that it had not reached 3:30 yet. As we walked around and saw all the shops that were closed up, I mentioned that a lot of stores are closed Thursday afternoons.

Melissa said, "Meri, it looks like everything is closed."

Me: "Oh, wait, what time is it?"

Brad: "3"

Me: "Oh. Okay, the stores will be open in a half hour."

Melissa and Brad: * stare at me looking dumbfounded *

Me: "Yeah. They have a 3 hour lunch break usually. Closed from 12:30 to 3:30."

I'm pretty used to the schedule now, but these guys could not believe it.

We eventually got to go to aperitivo, Brad's new favorite thing on the planet. Basically, you pay for a beverage and then get access to the buffet of finger foods for free.

Good deal.

Melissa had Lambrusco wine and Brad had a vodka martini I believe.

I had Planter's Punch. Melissa called it the "lollipop drink." Yeah, it was pretty sugary.

Free food! Sort of.

Then we went to Da Danilo for dinner--the same place I went with Alex. They were impressed.

I got the gnocchi.

Melissa, the house made tortelloni.

And Brad the radicchio risotto.

For dessert, this thing. Sort of like a semi freddo with a lot of crumbled candy in it, and doused in hot chocolate. One of Brad's favorite desserts of all time!

And of course, gelato with balsamic vinegar.

I hope Melissa and Brad have fun during their final days in Italy!


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