Monday, February 11, 2013

Adventures With Ana!

Above is a picture of Ana and me walking through Modena. Or at least our shadows walking through Modena. I've gone through a growth spurt recently--look how long my legs are!

Yes! Ana came to visit me this past weekend and we had a fabulous time. First thing we did? Got some breakfast!

Ana enjoyed her creme-filled croissant and Modena-style bread.

She also encouraged me to buy these thingies (still dunno what they are) because they look like giant cheerios. They are surprisingly delicious. Crackers, but cuter.

Then, I had to introduce Ana to gnocco fritto--one of my favorite Modena classics. We went to Bar Tiffany which won the award for Best Gnocco Fritto in 2011.

It was definitely the best gnocco fritto I've had here.

I think Ana liked it. But I'm not really sure what she's smiling about in the picture seeing as we obviously haven't eaten the stuff yet...

We did do something other than eat. We did lots of walking in order to work up our appetite again. I found this carving with a snake in it. It also had a lion and a raven. So, duh, Harry Potter. It was missing the badger, but I imagined it was there.

Now I'm a little frightened, because the serpent has half of a human sticking out of his mouth (he ate the other half).

I got over my fear and decided to join in.

Okay. Back to food. These are pastries.

We bought 25 euros worth. That's right. Oops.

The guy at the stand kept throwing more into the bag despite us saying "no." I guess you could say he was a good salesman...

For dinner, we went to Jolly Pizzeria down the street. We were very confused by this eatery. They had American 80s music playing, a little clown for a mascot, and very fancy waiters.

Ana got the 4 Stagione (4 seasons) pizza. Sausage, ham, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts.

That's me looking horrifying while I eat my Pugliese pizza--tomato, mozzarella, and onion. The onions were so perfectly caramelized that when I bit into the pizza, I got a perfect combo of sweet, salty, and down right carb-y.

It's amazing how much food I can fit in my tummy.

The next day we continued our eating adventure. I swear we did things not involving food. I think Ana documented that part of our adventure more successfully...

Prosciutto cotto (cooked prosciutto/ham) for Ana.

Prosciutto crudo (regular prosciutto) for me, and proof that I'm eating meat!

Ana left Sunday and seems to have taken the sunshine and nice weather with her.

Hello snowy Modena!

I miss you already Ana!


P.S. you should follow Ana's blog too!

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