Friday, February 8, 2013


So, before I begin the post, I must return to subjects that should have been mentioned in previous posts. First, Sam's calendar of yoga kitties turned to February too! Those cats never cease to amaze me.

And second, I forgot to show everybody the awesome pencil holder that I was given! When Alex and I went to the italian family's household for the afternoon, the daughter gave me this beautiful gift that is being put to good use on my desk. Thank you!

Moving on to this more of this week's events.

I bought yarn to knit a scarf! I was inspired by my friends Sarah and Amelia who are currently making scarves in Scotland. I forgot how much I love knitting!

And the needle brand is called "pony." Awesome.

Of course, because I'm lazy and have a fabulous mother, I never actually learned how to start a scarf for myself. I would have her put the yarn on the needle and I would do the rest. Well, this led to a very confusing conversation with the woman at the store. We eventually broke the language barrier a bit and she very kindly showed me how to get started.

In this photo I'm giving myself a thumbs up. I thought I deserved it.

And I remember how to knit! Just like riding a bike.

Now that I think about it, I think that I also don't know how to finish a scarf...

My parents need to stop spoiling me.

On my way to get yarn, I saw that they had a few stands set up in the Piazza Grande. Thinking they were having a small festival, I figured I would return a little later to get some licorice. It's a thing I have. If I see licorice, I buy it. Kinda like Harry Potter stuff.

Anyways, when I returned, I realized I had walked in to more than just a small festival.

February is carnival season for Italy. Each town has their own "carnevale."

How do I describe an italian carnival? Hmmmmm...

I guess I would say a mix between Halloween, Fourth of July, and New Year's Eve.

Everyone is dressed up in costume.

There is a parade.

And they throw confetti-type stuff all over the place (I saw a bunch of street cleaners this morning trying to collect the many bits of paper).

This is the "Papa Gnocco." I guess this is where the local delicacy gnocco fritto comes from...

And this guy has a cake on his head.

Horsies! This made my day.

They also throw candy and toys out to the people watching the parade. I was lucky enough to get really yummy gummy candies... and some Hannah Montana stickers. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

While watching the festivities, I munched on some roasted chestnuts.

They were so delicious! They just have a giant vat of the stuff roasting right in front of you.

The end of the carnival involved a few speeches.

I kinda sorta understood what they were saying. That's good, right?

I didn't forget the licorice. I know you were worried. Well, here it is. I think it is the best I've had so far.

Days like this make me wonder why there aren't more festivals in America...


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