Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Is There a Rooster?

So today I didn't have any real errands to run so I decided to do some exploring. I went to the bus stop I usually do to go to the university, but just walked in a different direction.

I wonder if this place is ever open. All the windows were boarded.

I was heading towards a public garden type place that I had seen on the map.

It was pretty, but I think it might be more exciting in the Spring time when there are actually plants that are alive.

The most exciting thing was the pigeons. They're not any different than American ones. Or maybe they have a more refined palate. Anyways, I like them.

Scratch that. The most exciting thing was definitely the roosters. Why were they there? Not a clue. They kept cock-a-doodle-dooing though.

And then I saw this stature of Nicola Fabrizi.

I looked him up and he was one of the big leaders of the Risorgimento, the movement to unify Italy.

Still not sure what the carvings on the side of the statue mean though.

Then I started heading back to the university area in search of food.

Along the way I found the train station that will get me to Bologna so that I can visit my friends! Yay!

And I'm pretty sure I found the one and only McDonalds of Modena. The picture is bad because I felt really sketchy holding my phone up and obviously taking a picture of an area where a bunch of people were standing.

I saw this little snack/gelato place with giant containers of Nutella lined up on the shelf. Now that's my kind of place. Side note: I ate an entire jar of nutella in three days. Is that bad?

And finally I settled on pizza once again. Just a plain slice with tomato sauce. And once again, so good.

Hopefully more adventures tomorrow, despite the rain.


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  1. Yum, thick dough. I want photos of the gelato/sorbetto.

    Major accomplishment finding that treno stazione -- woo hoo!
    You're not so far from Lucca, which is a beautiful city on the coast. I liked it more than Pisa. Who needs a leaning tower.