Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Cappuccino Came From a Vending Machine

In these past three days I've accomplished a few things. One was finding the Mercato Albinelli on Via Albinelli right by the university.

This is seriously the greatest place ever. It is like heaven in my eyes.

Every kind of produce, bread, cheese, pastry, literally ANYTHING you could possibly want, all in one place.

The traditional bread of Modena always comes in funny shapes. There's a hard crust but the inside is soft and fluffy.

I will probably come back here every day, at the least.

I bought this focaccia-style bread with roasted tomatoes and it was incredible.

I also returned to my favorite cafe as of right now: Mammolo.

I got a croissant with nutella and one with orange marmalade.

Today my italian immersion teacher took me to a little cafeteria run by the church for lunch. I got grapes, roasted zucchini, traditional Modena bread, and minestrone with grated parmigiano on top. Oh my god, the difference in the cheese alone was crazy. I never knew I could enjoy a garnish so much.

BUT, my greatest discovery was definitely the coffee vending machines. Of course, this sounds really stupid, but I'm serious. These things are great. On the walk back to my residence, I saw one and decided to try it (they're all over the place).

There are a thousand options and it makes you a coffee/hot chocolate/steamed milk/anything you want in a tiny plastic cup.

I just got a latte the first time. It was awesome.

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this, but I am.

And so today I took a video of this vending machine making me my first ever cappuccino! I know, I'm a horrible italian. You can see it dispense the sugar, then the little stirring, then some steamed milk, and finally a shot of espresso. You should definitely watch this video because it took me FOREVER to load.

And here are so extra pictures I took while doing some sight-seeing on my own.



  1. MEREDITH THIS ALL LOOKS AMAZING!! I got coffee from a vending machine on campus...in Delaware...and it was just coffee flavored water.

    The point of that story was that Italian coffee machines look legit.

    Plus I'm so jealous of all the pastries you are eating and sights you are seeing gahhhhhh

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