Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Brotha Is Here!

Alex is here! Yay!

And we've been doing a lot of exploring. That's why I haven't written in a while. Well, that and the super-shoddy internet.

We went to Milan and Venice this weekend (so much to write about--they will be separate posts).

To get ready for his arrival last Tuesday, I went to the supermarket for cheese, meat, and bread. A classic Medoway welcome meal.

Before our fun adventures, we had some fun around Modena. In the picture above, Alex is eating a pizza from one of the bars in the Palazzo Grande. Everything was fine. I got a potato pizza, Alex a margherita and pancetta pizza.

All was well, until we went to leave. I was rushing a bit because the guys were shutting the place down and I wanted to be out of the way.

Alex did too. So as he walked towards the trashcan, he chugged the rest of his water. He claims that there was a piece of pancetta stuck in his throat and thus, the water went down the wrong pipe and he spewed the stuff all over the floor.

I can never go back there.

Great. I'm in a country on my own and my family is already wreaking havoc all around town.

Anyways, we had more success at my favorite bar. Alex got a cappuccino (my dad would be proud).

I got a chocolate mammolino (I guess the drink the bar is named after). It was a shot of chocolate syrup, covered by a shot of espresso and topped with whipped cream. Yum. My kinda caffeine.

More to come on our out-of-city adventures!


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