Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Part one of our excursion this past weekend was Milan. We didn't get to do too much because we were only there Friday night and left Saturday morning, but we still had a good time.

Here is our cute little hotel room.

We shared a bottle of wine at dinner.

And this is the greatest invention ever. It's balsamic vinegar, in a spray bottle. Of course, I like a lot of balsamic so I spayed it about 100 times.

My appetizer: a caprese salad with the greatest ball of mozzarella of all time.

Second course: Risotto Milanese. Basically risotto with saffron. This one also had a lot of parmigiano and butter. So much that it felt like I was eating mac and cheese with rice instead of macaroni. Really good, but a little odd also.

Back at the hotel, while Alex ordered a simple Jameson, I became that annoying American that wants a cocktail. I ordered the hotel's signature drink--the NH Touring cocktail--assuming the bartender would be familiar with it. Never assume. It took the poor guy 15 minutes to find all the ingredients. Pretty sure he never made it before. I guess I'll wait until I get back to the states to order cocktails...

Here is the train station we arrived at and left from: Milano Centrale. It was designed by Mussolini.

Next, a post about Venice.


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