Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We spent Saturday and Sunday in Venice this past weekend. Venice is AMAZING. As soon as you get off the bridge you are hit with the most beautiful city you could possibly imagine.

And it doesn't smell so bad in the winter.

Here is the famous Rialto Bridge.

One of the million side streets in Venice. All of the buildings seem to lean towards each other at the top.

Along the water front we found a little carnival area. My favorite was the food cart that had crepes and espresso. So classy.

So pretty!

Eating right by the Rialto Bridge.

My first course: greek salad. Soooooo good. It had the normal tomatoes, feta, and olives, but it also had toasted pumpkin seeds and capers.

Alex's first course: assorted cured meats. Those little swirly things on top? I thought they were cheese. Wrong. They are fancy-shaped butter. I took a giant bite of butter. Not pleasant.

My second course: vegetarian lasagna. Very cheesy.

Alex's second course: gnocchi alla bolognese.

A lot of walkways had these lights hanging from the buildings.

The next morning we got to witness Venice during a flood. Apparently, Venice floods about 100 times every winter.

They have these raised walkways so that people can get around, but it's very hard to move about without getting your shoes soaked.

The Basilica reflected in the flood water.

Funny face.

The last picture I took before getting in trouble for taking pictures inside of the Doge Palazzo.

There weren't any guards in the dungeon so I could take as many pictures as I wanted.

Really cool lamp in the courtyard area.

This picture is from back in my room, but I bought this chocolate in Venice. All of the chocolate here has hazelnuts in it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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