Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oscars!!!

The Oscars were Sunday night, and I thought that I would share just a few thoughts I had while watching. I would like to mention that I did start watching Oscar coverage as soon as it began, at 1:30 on E!, and didn’t stop watching until the Oscars were over at 11:30 at night, which brings my Oscar viewing to a grand total of 10 hours. So I definitely put in the time. Therefore, without further ado, I present the list of my Top 10 Favorite Oscar Things (in no particular order):

1) Billy Crystal SO lived up to the hype.

2) Meryl Streep’s speech will go down in history as the Greatest Oscar Speech Ever.

3) Seeing Sacha Baron Cohen pour “Kim Jong-Il's ashes” on Ryan Seacrest made my life better.

4) I want Cameron Diaz’s dress.

5) Emma Stone mocking Anne Hathaway’s hosting persona was fantastic.

6) Jim Rash mocking Angelina Jolie’s ridiculous pose was also pretty fantastic.

7) Francesca Lo Schiavo, who won for Achievement in Art Direction for Hugo, ended her speech with, “This is for Martin…and for Italy!”

8) Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, who won for Achievement in Film Editing, ended their 10-second speech with, “Let’s get out of here. We’re editors.”

9) The way that Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis chose to enter the stage to present the Oscar for Best Original Song was so great.

10) The following quote from Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speech (which he is directing to his Oscar): “You’re only two years older than me darling, where have you been all my life?” Oh Captain von Trapp, how we love you!

Now Meri is speaking/writing/whatever-as a side note, these pictures show what we and our friends like to do during the Oscars. Yup, we made a fort (we also got Domino's, Doritos, Popcorn, Milano cookieds, m&ms, cookie dough, and chips & salsa to snack while we sat in the fortress).

Hour one of Oscar-viewing.

Ana pretending she is too cool for the fort.

Sam and Sarah at hour six.

We're so cool.


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