Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puppy Bowl XIII

Some Thoughts on the Puppy Bowl

This Superbowl Sunday, my television has been tuned to Animal Planet so I can watch Puppy Bowl VIII. Animal Planet is playing it on repeat every two hours from 3:00 today until 1:00 tomorrow morning, so I’ve already seen it twice and I’ll be watching it at least once more. Naturally, I have some thoughts I’d like to get off my chest:

1) My MVP (Most Valuable Puppy), who I chose before the kickoff, is Friday. My close second is Tattoo. My sister chose Leroy Brown, and my friend, who watched the Puppy Bowl with me, chose Hunter. If anything, I learned that both the people I know and I are terrible at choosing winning dogs. Friday ran around the stadium three times and took a nap, Leroy Brown just wrestled with the other puppies, and Hunter chased his crush, Holly, around. None of them ever picked up a toy.

2) I’m glad that the officials chose Fumble over Aberdeen to win MVP. Even though Aberdeen had more touchdowns, he had an advantage over his competitors—his size—and he turned into a bully by the end of game. Fumble, on the other hand, was a smart, modest player who turned out some great plays against a tough defense but never got cocky. It was clear that he had been challenged in the game, as he, exhausted, fell asleep in the end zone after making his last touchdown. If Aberdeen had won MVP over Fumble, it would’ve been kind of like when overly-aggressive Gretchen won Project Runway over lovable Mondo.

3) There is absolutely no way that Madonna will ever, ever beat the Kitty Half-Time Show. Sorry.

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