Sunday, February 12, 2012

What About Second Breakfast?

I love food.

I guess that's obvious.

Do you know what I love more than food?

Food themed like my favorite movies.

Thus, when my wonderful friend Michelle said that her sister was coming up to visit AND taking her to a Lord-of-the-Rings-themed restaurant, I totally jumped on that bandwagon.

The restaurant, Bilbo Baggins (so awesome), is located in Alexandria, Virginia, about 20 minutes from campus by car-by metro, probably 3 hours. And it is adorable. It has the feel of a small-towney diner/bar, with wooden furniture and closely situated tables waited on by affable waiters. In fact, the cramped dining room almost feels like a hobbit hole. I wonder if that was on purpose...

Moving past the atmosphere, the menu was also drool-worthy. It had all the components of a classic brunch, with a few small adjustments (i.e. Frodo's French Toast). I had trouble deciding between Smaug's Delight and the Vegetable Omelette, but, in the end, the omelette won out. I couldn't resist the biscuit.

Oh, and we got two baskets of beignet. Enough said.

Everyone loved their meals and left the restaurant bursting, but happy about it.

Oh, and that town is damn adorable. I will be making another trip there (even if it means I have to use the metro).


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