Friday, February 24, 2012

My Brotha is 23!

My wonderful brother Alex turned 23 on February 21. I wasn't there to celebrate.

BUT, he came to visit me with my mommy today and it was fabulous.

It was also stressful.

I was seeing him only a couple of days after his real birthday. That means I had to have a gift ready.

Not that he would actually care. Alex would be totally fine with a delayed present. But it wouldn't do for my peace of mind.

So, when I realized he was coming at the beginning of this week, my brain got to work. I went through a lot of possibilities that I can't remember now and then ended up with an old standby: food.

Alex seems to like my baked goods so I'm more than happy to provide him with sustenance. However, I had limited time and resources as I didn't have time to shop during the week. I decided on something peanut butter-y (since he was the first Reeses-lover I ever knew, and since I could by the stuff at the food store on campus).

I remembered these goodies that I made last year to bring back to my dorm floor after Thanksgiving break. Being sandwich cookies, they're a little twist on the usual and very decadent-perfect for a birthday gift.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on any vanilla, so these went without. Hopefully the intense peanut flavor will help Alex forget about the missing extract.

Also, the filling calls for peanut butter and powdered sugar. I made half with this classic filling and then made another batch using Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. A little variety is always good.

These cookies are gooey and yummy (especially since I totally undercooked one batch-it's a problem I have. I prefer foods that might give you salmonella poisoning). They also give you multiple opportunities for dough-eating. You have the original cookie dough, then the filling (then the other filling if you choose to make it). And you absolutely have to taste each. Quality control people.

Here's the full gift after my beautiful packaging (paper bowls courtesy of Sam). I also got him an American University beer mug, for good measure.

I hope he likes it!

Find the recipe here:


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