Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Did It!!!

Yes. It's been a while. But I've been busy with school (ew), the equestrian team (yay ponies!), hanging out with my friends (woohoo!), and going home to help out at the restaurant I work at.

This past weekend, I was given the task of making pumpkin rolls (in addition to pierogies, ravioli, cannoli, etc.). I've never made anything like a pumpkin roll before.

The basic gist is that you make a sponge cake on a sheet pan, flip it out while it's still hot, and roll it up while it's still hot. I was supposed to be stuffing mine with a spiced cream cheese frosting as well.

And that's where I went wrong.

I put the filling in immediately and rolled the cake up. It left me with a horrific--yet delicious--pile of caked shards laying in a pool of melted frosting. It was so bad the sous-chef walked into the room and promptly turned around, not wanting to deal with the mess I made.

I unfortunately forgot to take a picture.

Then I talked to my mommy. Apparently, she's an expert when it comes to pumpkin rolls!

So here's the trick: you roll up the cake with a towel and let it cool while steaming simultaneously in the towel, keeping the cake moist. Then you unroll the cake, fill it, and re-roll it. It worked!

Turns out it's not so hard when you actually know what you're doing.

I won't lie though. I jumped up and down in joy a few times after my success.

Look at how beautiful it is!


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