Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Cookie

Yesterday I sent my mommy a biscotti recipe because it looked good and she is the Queen of Biscotti (in other words, I wanted her to make it so I could eat it).

In fact, the email actually did prompt her to make cookies--just not the ones I sent. She chose to make regular chocolate chip cookies, but she livened them up a bit by using three different kinds of chips: chocolate, butterscotch, and peanut butter, I believe. And she called them Storm Cookies.

Over here in DC I decided to make my own cookie in honor of Sandy so that we could also enjoy some sugary goodness (not that we've been snacking on ten bags of Halloween candy for the past couple of weeks...).

I decided to make a skillet cookie. I love these because I can make it all in one pan. Also because it makes a massive cookie. And who doesn't like a massive cookie? (Sam has been calling it the "face cookie" because it's as big as your face).

Oh, and for some reason, whenever I make a skillet cookie I feel the need to eat it straight out of the skillet with a spoon. Classy, I know.

To mimic my mommy, I used a ton of ingredients to substitute the chocolate chunks.

I used chocolate chips to keep it somewhat familiar.

Then I added mini peanut butter cups, chopped chocolate malt balls, and chopped sea salt caramels.


After it was done baking, I let it cool about 15 minutes and then melted Nutella to drizzle over the top.

Yum Yum.

If only hurricanes delivered giant face cookies instead of massive destruction. Life would be so much better.


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