Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Gear

My sister and I listen to the Joy the Baker Podcast. It's pretty awesome. Actually, it's incredibly awesome.

I bring this up because this post is dedicated to homework from the podcast. In the past few episodes, Joy and Tracy (the creators of the podcast) have assigned homework to the listeners. This week, they wanted to see what everyone's "summer gear" is.

Well, let me tell you, Sam and I have never looked better. This summer, we are going all out.

For Sam, pajamas and sunglasses. So damn classy.

For me, a plain t-shirt, chef's pants, clogs, and the flour that my boss sprinkled over my head (trust me, it's there--she wanted me to look like a baker).

Or, I could pretend that this is my summer wear. But we know that's not true. When I'm not at work, my outfit mirror's Sam's pretty well (minus the sunglasses--I like to sit in the dark).


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