Monday, June 11, 2012

Joy the Baker Podcast Homework 2: Summer Bucket List

In the latest Joy the Baker Podcast, another piece of homework was assigned to the listeners. This one will be a little more involved than the summer gear task.

Joy and Tracy asked everyone to make a summer bucket list, so Sam and I came up with our own agendas for these next couple of months.

Sam's Bucket List:

1. Watch The Comeback
2. Get a tan
3. Keep up with Dance Moms, Bunheads, and So You Think You Can Dance
4. Ride a rollercoaster
5. Put on clothes everyday (as opposed to staying in my pajamas)
6. Unpack the stuff from my dorm (which, as of right now, remains in the dining room)
7. Get Cat Deeley to retweet me
8. Find an internship for the fall (this Bucket List just got terrifying)
9. Figure out a way to make our future apartment look shabby-chic (like an apartment ModCloth might feature on their website)
10. Visit Meredith (!!)

Meri's Bucket List:

1. Ride Ponies
2. Find a way to remove the potato grime from the crevices of my hands (I don't think my appendages will ever recover from the amount of potatoes I cut/peel/grate/mash on a daily basis)
3. Watch Aaron Sorkin's new show, The Newsroom (so pumped)
4. Catch up on Mad Men (I'm at the beginning of season 3)
5. Find a reason to wear something other than chef's pants and a plain t-shirt covered in buttercream, potato skins, and chicken broth
6. Cook dinner for my family at least once a week, preferably twice (I think they were expecting me to cook everyday before I got a job... oops)
7. Make this, this, and lots of cornbread
8. Get on a plane to visit Simmie of Simmiecakes in Florida and go to Harry Potter World at Universal (yeah, the chances of this are pretty slim)
9. Try to find a way to use my sourdough starter once every week (I've been doing pretty well with this!)
10. Make Sam come visit me :)

We'll keep you updated on how we're doing. It will be very exciting.

-Meri and Sam


  1. I support your bucket lists!

  2. I am curious to know how you've used your sourdough starter! I've got one and only have used it in bread. Over from the Joy the Baker podcast!

    1. Hi! Yeah, I usually make bread, but I've also made muffins and pizza dough. This website ( has a ton of recipes I want to try though.

  3. Yes, summer bucket lists! Yes, Mad Men! Yes, riding ponies! Yes, new apartments! Great list!