Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies... Without the Chocolate Chips???

It's pretty well known that if I receive a food wish, I will do my best to grant it. Especially if it means that I get to experiment. However, new really wasn't what I was going for this weekend - until someone made asked for something unique. I was originally going to make good old chocolate chip cookies, mostly because it would allow me to skip the trip to Whole Foods/CVS - money is growing scarce around here. But, when I mentioned the idea to my friends, Michelle mentioned that she had always wanted to try chocolate chip cookies, without the chocolate chips.
It may seem like an odd request, but I understand what she means. She doesn't really like plain sugar cookies, but she likes the dough of chocolate chip cookies. So, I guess she likes the brown sugar part.
Well, I wasn't about to deny my good friend a baked good that she may not get a chance to have some other time (most bakeries don't specialize in chocolate chip-less cookies.
Nevertheless, I assumed that most people didn't just want a bunch of plain chip-less cookies. Thus, I decided to make a few special bites for Michelle, and do something fun with the rest.
I'm totally on-board with the whole, stuff-cookies-with-more-junk-food craze that has been popular recently.
After a trip to the campus convenience store, I wound up with Kit Kats (at Sam's urging) and a Snickers bar (at my urging). They were about to become cookie stuffers.
I'd say it went well (how could it not?)
I used the usual recipe for chocolate chip cookies from the back of the bag of chips, but just left out the step where you stir in the chocolate. Then I refrigerated the dough for a couple of hours (I like to do this especially when I'm stuffing cookies because it keeps the dough from just sliding off the stuffing, leaving you with a cookie/candy mess). I wrapped the candy bars in dough and placed them a few inches apart on a baking sheet. I spooned the chip-less dough out like usual cookies. The stuffed cookies only baked for about one or two minutes more than the unstuffed ones.
Both versions were fully enjoyed and were gobbled up in 20 minutes. Oh yeah.

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