Sunday, April 15, 2012

Amanda Came to Visit!

Amanda is my best friend in the whole wide world.

She's awesome.

And she came to visit this weekend.

Here is the story of that weekend (well, the story of the food we ate).

When she arrived on Friday, she chose to go out for some Indian food. This was kind of awesome because I'm pretty sure only a visiting friend would be able to convince my friends to eat Indian food. Sometimes my delightful face just isn't enough to sway their skeptical viewpoints.

But a guest? How could they deny the happiness of a visitor?

Well, luckily Indian food is delicious and everybody enjoyed their meal!

But were Amanda and I done eating for the night? Absolutely not! I don't think Amanda and I have ever been together after a meal and not had dessert.

Yup. Ben & Jerry's it was. Milk and Cookies and Cake Batter. And milk. Yum.

We finished both pints.

Saturday, we had plans to meet our other awesome friend, Brooke, to spend the day at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Of course, we had to eat from the vendors along the route.

Brooke, a woman after my own heart, got octopus balls. I don't know if I would have been that brave even if I wasn't vegetarian...

She said they needed more octopus. How dare they be skimpy?

She got some chicken teriyaki (on a stick) to supplement the octopus-less balls (wow, that sounds even grosser than octopus balls).

Amanda also went with the chicken teriyaki on a stick. And she spilled it all over her pants.

I got some fried rice. Can't go wrong with that.

After Brooke left, Amanda and I went to my dining hall (I think it's a necessity to experience each school's dining hall). I forgot to take a picture (so silly), but Amanda hit up the sweet potato fries-all was well.

Amanda left this morning after some hash browns and a bagel for the train ride. Now back to real life. Ew.


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