Thursday, March 15, 2012

WAR HORSE. And a Food Adventure with Aunt Bethy

I first heard about War Horse while sitting in a theater, reading the playbill for The Normal Heart before the show started. I immediately knew I wanted to see it because, well, I love horses.

And so, I was ready to see the movie right when it came out. My mom and I made a trip over to the movie theater (no one else in my family wanted to see it) to see a film about ponies. Was it the best film I've ever seen? No. But, it was about a horse, so I was happy.

Plus, I knew that I wanted to see it on stage. My wonderful mother agreed to go with me and we bought tickets for over my spring break. Some unforeseen events led to my mommy being unable to attend. Thus, my lovely aunt Bethy, giver of Rossi pasta, took over and we had a fantastic day in New York.

Of course, since the event had been passed on to Beth, it would be "everything deluxe." She planned the day around two meals at two marvelous New York City restaurants. But first, we went to a museum to see a dirt exhibit. I'm not kidding. It was called "Swept Away"-or "Swept by Dirt" as we kept saying-and it consisted of some very interesting pieces of work. I admit some of it was cool. But really. A dirt exhibit (if you want to spend a day with my aunt, you must pay some price).

Now, on to more important things. For lunch we visited Bar Boloud. Everything tasted AMAZING. We started with Rosemary Lemonades and Sunchoke Soup.

Then I got a beet and roquette salad. Bethy ordered a Croque Monsieur.

However, the most important part of our main course was the side of Super Green Spinach. Seriously, we drooled over this little cast iron pot of veggies. It was like nothing we've ever eaten. We could not for the life of us figure out how they had cooked it, so we asked. The secret? Saute the spinach. Then, puree half of it with lemon juice and stir it together with the other half that was only sauteed and add just a touch of cream. Craziness.

We finished with a Banana Mousse on top of Chocolate Almond Cake, Orizaba-Macadamia Cream, and Chocolate Ice Cream.

Oh, also green tea and coffee. Yum.

And they had these really giant wine bottles on the bar. I'm still trying to figure out how you would lift them to fill someone's glass...

Next we went to the play. It is worth it to see the show just to see the horse puppets they use. Absolutely incredible.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but we had great seats (thanks mommy!). They even had the horse run up one of the aisles (not the one next to us). The whole production was awesome.

And finally, we finished the day with another fantastic meal at Telepan.

To begin, the Seasonal Salad for me and the House Smoked Brook Trout for Bethy.

Next, Beet Green and Ricotta Pierogi for me (God I ate a lot of beets yesterday) and the Roasted Chicken for Bethy. We were so excited that I forgot to take a picture until I had eaten practically my whole plate. Oops.

For dessert, "Apple Pie." They were little fried pastry pockets filled with apple pie filling. Apple butter cream, cinnamon & caramel ice cream to accompany the little pockets.

Another incredible meal.

It was a fabulous day and we're already planning our next trip (hopefully this one will involve less dirt).

Thanks Bethy!


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