Friday, May 3, 2013

Recent Adventures

We've been having lots of fun these past few days! This is mommy and daddy on the infamous red stairs by my residence. They are slanted down and incredibly scary.

In other news, I haven't put up pictures from the calendars in two months!

Okay, now we're all caught up. Happy April and happy May!

Me, my mommy, and my daddy went to Embassy for the best aperitivo in Modena.

And then to Slurp--one of my favorite gelato places.

I got the Slurp (the store's flavor) and Biscottino. With free whipped cream and nutella! Incredibile!

We also got to explore my university a little bit. I got to show them the crazy Harry Potter stairs. Here we are at the fourth floor. We want to go to the fifth floor. But how do we get there?

Here we find the other set of stairs that only go from the fourth to the fifth floor. You have to go through the secret library room to find them.

After our harrowing adventure, we deserved some good foodsies. Gnocco fritto with prosciutto crudo from Bar Tiffany, home of the Gnocco D'Oro--the golden gnocco (they won an award for having the best gnocco fritto).

Look at that happy face.

I found a Phillies hat in the store where we got my shoes! It was hidden away behind the Yankees hats, but it was there!

And we went to Venice!!!

We had a lovely lunch.

And I convinced the waiter to get me a Spritz even though he looked at me funny. You're only supposed to drink it for aperitivo, but I didn't care.

We shared an artichoke pizza to start. Delightful.

And then I got Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Peperoncino. Super simple and deliciously spicy.

I found a sign for a veterinarian. It's hard to see, but there is a cute little outline of a german shepherd on it.

Che bello!

There were too many people this time. Definitely a difference between February and May. It's still my favorite city though.

Next time on the blog, we go to the third best restaurant in the world.


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