Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vignola Is Farther Than Carpi! You Know That, Right?

Well, if my first bike trip got bad reactions, it only got worse when I said that I was biking to Vignola.

As you might be able to see, Vignola is 24.5 kilometers away from this starting point, only about 4 kilometers farther than Carpi. Not too dramatic a difference.

Of course, we didn't quite realize the path that we had set out on. The bike route website had two options to get to Vignola: one a straight bike path, the other along a river. We chose to do the river one first.

It started to get weird just a little ways in. We found this decrepit building that was kind of horrifying up close.

It was also surrounded by this forrest.

It felt like we were in the middle of a fairy tale.

Which was cool, except for the fact that witches are usually part of fairy tales. And it felt more than likely at that moment that an evil witch was living in that creepy building.

Most of the first leg of the journey looked something like this. Or like some grass that had been stomped on a little and named a bike path.

After what I thought had been at least 15 kilometers, we reached this sign that told us otherwise.

20 kilometers to go.

We passed lots more pretty stuff.

And then we saw some bulls on the side of the road. Just hanging out. Not enclosed. Just chillin'.

The goats must be a little less trustworthy. They were put behind bars.


Entering the city of Vignola.

I wanted to go to Vignola pretty much only because there is a pasticceria there that is famous for its "Torta Barozzi," a kind of flour-less chocolate cake with rum.

Well, wouldn't yah know, they're closed on Mondays!


So we went to another little bar for foodsies. I ordered a prosciutto crudo and fontina panino. Good, but I thought I deserved a larger sandwich after a three and a half hour bike ride and four euros.

Vignola was a very cute town and I hope to get back there before I leave. And maybe get a slice of Torta Barozzi because, really, I just want chocolate.

On the way back, we took the non-nature path and came across this crazy model city that someone had made.

Not sure what it was for, but it was quite impressive nonetheless.

All of the sudden, we heard loud music playing. We turned right and ended up at some kind of carnival. Again, not sure what the surprise amusement park on a Monday was about, but still entertaining.

I couldn't decide if this "ride" was awesome or just weird. They load children into these giant bubbles and then put them in the water to roll around.

Yup. Still not sure what my opinion is.

The highlight of my day might have been the stop we made on the way home. Vignola is famous for its cherries so when I saw the sign for cherries, sour cherries, and strawberries, I turned down the little dirt road. I bought these awesome "duroni"--sour cherries.

But that wasn't the highlight! When we got to the farm stand, there was a kitty that trotted right over to us and I got to play with her for a whole ten minutes.

Day made.


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