Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stuzzica Gente!

This past Sunday was a kind of food fair in Modena, called Stuzzica Gente. You paid 13 euros for a ticket and got to try an array of foods from different participating restaurants around the center of town.

I was so distracted by the idea of food that I forgot to take a picture of our first taste: gnocco fritto. Thankfully, Victoria eats slowly enough that I got a picture of her last bite.

I swear Magda is not in pain in this next photo. She's displaying our second stop which included water, naturale o frizzante.

She went with classic naturale. Good choice.

Next, pizza tricolor: a pizza with a pesto crust, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Then we had some artisanal beers.

At La Mamma Pizzeria, we had pasta with a sausage and cream ragu.

I think this a half smile indicating happiness to be eating, but a little bit of disappointment with serving size...

Next, we headed over to L'Erba del Re, one of the three restaurants in Modena to have at least one Michelin Star.

I was pretty excited, until I saw the so-called "hamburger" they were giving out.

It was so dang small!!!

So small you could eat it in one bite.

That is not a hamburger.

I thought that it was pretty good, but Victoria was not as impressed.

Lambrusco! You chose between two kinds--I got amabile, the sweeter one. I loved it. Mostly because it tasted like cranberry juice.

Gelato was next on the list, but I forgot to take a picture. It wasn't very exciting because we had to get "fior di latte" and "crema"which are basically two kinds of gelato that both taste like frozen cream. I mean, it's good, but I want exciting gelato.

Then, I took the first successful shot of my life. Mostly because I think there may have been two drops of vodka in the whole shot. The rest was juice.

But look at me go! I'll totally be ready to turn 21 by the time I get back in the US...

That was it. Then I continued to make my way through the newest season of Arrested Development!

Good day.


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