Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PB&J... and Potato Chips... and Cinnamon Toast Crunch... and...

You may well remember that Sam received a re-tweet from our favorite Food Network personality, Jeff Mauro, just a couple of days ago.

Luckily, she didn't die from shock, she just suffered a little from extreme and prolonged hyperventilation.

To honor that moment, I figured we'd celebrate the event by eating one of the sandwiches he created during the episode we were watching when the infamous re-tweet occurred. I chose to make the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Here's everything that goes into these beauties. Obviously, these aren't just your usual PB&Js. They start out pretty normal though.

We had sourdough sandwich bread, so that served as the base. It gets spread like usual with chunky peanut butter and some strawberry preserves.

Next you add banana slices. Not to crazy--I've been known to throw banana in my PB&Js.

And then comes the potato chips. Starting to get weird.

Put it together.

And now...the cinnamon toast crunch crust.

Yep. Dredge the bread in egg wash and dunk in the cereal crumbs that you make by smashing the stuff up in a plastic bag.

Melt some butter in a skillet over medium heat and fry those babies up!

These guys were so delicious! And super filling (surprising, right?).

If I made them again, I'd change the bread and chips. I didn't follow Jeff's recipe exactly because I wanted to use what we had on hand, but I would recommend following it. He calls for thicker, sturdier bread and chips. Those changes would work perfectly. Our bread was a little too flimsy and our chips were too thin so they got slightly mushy in the sandwich.

Doesn't mean we didn't eat every last crumb!

We love you Jeff!



  1. How are you guys not obese yet? Between sandwiches like these and all those ridiculous cakes with 14 kinds of candy on them that Meri makes, I'd for sure be in some sort of unmovable food coma by now.

    1. Well, my diet is basically composed of apples, quinoa, and junk food. I guess I find some kind of happy medium?

      But in all reality, I'm right on the way to obesity--and I'm sending my friends that way as well ;)