Sunday, December 9, 2012


My life is incredible right now. I know what you may be thinking: But Sam, it’s finals week. How could anything be good in the world at this point? I’ll tell you: JEFF MAURO, AKA the cutest man in the whole wide world and host of Sandwich King on the Food Network, retweeted me!!

Meredith and I were watching Sandwich King this morning, and we were treated to Jeff Mauro’s “Cereal Crunching” song, one of the many songs that he makes up while cooking, and I decided to tweet him about how I couldn’t decide which one I loved more: the “Cereal Crunching” song, or a song about his tiny whisk that he sang last week (entitled “Baby Whisk”).

So 10 minutes later, I hear my phone make a noise I’d never heard before, and it is a notification that JEFF MAURO HAD RESPONDED TO MY TWEET!! He informed me that both songs were currently rocketing up the charts.

Well, Meredith and I started jumping and screaming and hyperventilating, which brought a very concerned Michelle and Amelia over to make sure we weren’t being murdered. But I still maintain that we did not overreact.

Society may still expect me to study for finals for the rest of the day, but I’ve declared it a national holiday: The Day Jeff Mauro Retweeted Me, and I think I’ll be taking the rest of the day off.


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