Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yup. It's that time of the year. Holiday time. AKA cookie time.

Every year since I can remember--and I'm sure for many years beforehand--my household has been cranking out dozens of Christmas cookies for the holidays. And I'm not about to break tradition.

Last year I made my own record: 14 different kinds of cookies (that were then supplemented with cookies made by my mom and sister).

This year I want to make at least 15 different kinds. This might be difficult seeing as last year I didn't have a job and now I do. I work at least five days a week and usually for about 12 hours. And I have to get ready to go abroad to Italy in a few weeks. And I'm making a birthday cake for Sam's dad. So the odds are against me, but I'm up for it.

Friday night, the night I got home from school, I got started. I made these peanut butter and jelly cookies because they were easy and the dough didn't need to be refrigerated or anything like that. They were super simple and super delicious. Definitely a good cookie for any pb&j fan.

Yesterday, I made three batches.

First, sugar cookies. The recipe comes from a horse cookie cutter that my mom got for me. I love the recipe. Lots of butter and lots of sugar. A classic sugar cookie. Yum.

Amanda kept me company while I banged out 12 dozen cookies

Next, pistachio white chocolate chip cookies--a family favorite. These guys always go really quickly.

I love the pistachio/chip to batter ratio. No skimping on the add-ins.

And finally, cake batter chocolate chip cookies. These are a new addition. I knew that we happened to have some left over funfetti cake mix in our cabinet so I figured I'd find a way to use it.

I really liked the flavor the cake mix gave the cookies. And the sprinkles were a cute addition.

Four down. Eleven to go.


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