Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Days Are Winding Down

I finally found a horse to play with... 14 days before I leave Italy. It still made me a happy camper.

So yes, my days in Italy are winding down and it's a very strange. I have nothing to do and will be excited to have a busier schedule soon (so I don't feel like I'm just taking up space), but I'll definitely be sad to leave.

I've been filling my final days with random activities. One included the Buskers festival in the park near my residence. This guy was balancing on top of suitcase, on top of a sideways barrel, on top of another box. Woah. Then he juggled with sticks on fire while on top of this tower thing. I was too distracted to take a picture of that part.

Then I saw that they were giving free pole dancing lessons! And there were just a bunch of people pole dancing. I started to feel uncomfortable pretty much immediately.

My friend has baby chicks at his house in Soliera.

Oh my God so cute.

This is a peach tree in the back yard.

And the chickens and ducks. I want this house.

Then we went on an adventure to find a horse. Success!

And this pretty kitty joined us as well.

I also found some more fun Modena street art while getting gelato. Not sure about the message, but cool nonetheless.


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