Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Back!

Well, I've been back since July 15th.

And man have I been busy (a slight change from my usual "do nothing all day" thing in Italy).

First things first: reacquaint myself with my kitties. Cookie took hold of my computer immediately (that's my excuse for not blogging recently).

He's intent on not letting me use technology.

Next, find a way to have Italian coffee at home. Cue the espresso maker I bought in Modena.

And my adorable espresso cups.

Attempt to hug our kitchen cabinet and end up just staring at it in awe. So much snack food.

And make a trip to Wegmans. This is a real cereal aisle, Italy. (And this is only half of it).

Finally, lots of baking.

A bundt for my brother's breakfast every morning.

I replaced half the lemon zest with orange because I didn't have enough, and it worked out just fine.

Two loaves of bread: one sourdough boule and one whole wheat. YUM. My all-carb diet isn't going anywhere.

This morning, I finally found this baby in the basement.

Get ready for fresh pasta everybody.


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