Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Proud To Be American...?

"Delicacies of Stars and Stripes" (rough translation).

Hmmmm so it's "American" Food week/month over here at Lidl, the supermarket down the street. I'm a little horrified.

In picture one, going left to right and starting from the top shelf we have: pop corn, hamburger "sauce," mustard, mayonnaise, cranberry juice (in Italian known as "American blueberries"), cheesecake, apple pie, cherry pie, apple crumble, muffins, cookies, and two different kinds of chips.

More cranberry juice, peanut butter (smooth and crunchy!), hot dogs in a jar (that made me wanna puke), craisins, jelly beans, those weird gummy hamburgers, pickles, chocolate and lemon cakes, pancake mix in a plastic container, marshmallows (BBQ marshmallows--I think the BBQ refers to the fact that you are supposed to roast them...), and finally, ketchup.

I don't know which part of this is most offensive...

Well, I'm making the most of it. We'll be making s'mores and puppy chow very soon.

In other news...

I got new sandals! Having come in winter, I had only brought shoes with no air pockets to relieve my feetsies. To spare people of the putrid smell that comes after I take off my shoes (due to the excessive heat--it's not a normal occurrence), I'll be wearing these from now on.


We found these cuties when we went to Parco Amendola.

Scariest store front ever.

ET and a giant hand. There's more that my camera didn't catch. Asia is mesmerized, or scared.

And Modena is pretty during the day...

and at night.


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