Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sam's Visit!

Sam came to visit! She arrived Sunday afternoon and left today (Wednesday). It was hard to say goodbye, but knowing that we would see each other again in less than two weeks made it just a little easier.

So what did we do with our time together?

Well, we spoke only in British accents (even in public sometimes, even though we tried to curb it in front of strangers).

 We watched lots of TV and played with my kitties.

We visited my barn.

Sarah and Ana came to visit!

And we visited the restaurant I work at.

Oh. And we ate. We ate a lot.

Monday's breakfast was waffles. Tuesday's eggs, toast, and rosemary garlic potatoes. Wednesday's french toast. Yum.

We ate at Ponzio's, our local old-person diner that I love.

And we got pizza from the place around the corner.

And we made a baked good to mimic Jimmy Fallon's Ben &Jerry's ice cream flavor: Late Night Snack. It's vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips and a salty caramel swirl.

So, we made vanilla blondies. We mixed in chocolate covered potato chips--we covered them ourselves! And I made caramel to swirl on top.

We decided that it didn't actually taste like the ice cream, but it sure was yummy! We finished the whole skillet in two days.

We had a fabulous four days.

I miss Sam already.



  1. Aww...this reminds me of young Melissa and Simmie days. Minus the car accident and your dad not knowing who I was.

    1. I'm pretty sure my dad is still the same... ;)