Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

No, my best friend's name is not actually Jimmy. But that's what I call her. It's a long story.

In fact, her name is Amanda, and her birthday was on June 12th. We celebrated her birthday on July 2nd.

I was going to take her to Grounds for Sculpture, but Monday morning--while looking at the opening and closing times for the restaurant there--I discovered that Grounds for Sculpture is not open on Mondays. Oops. No worries though, Amanda is go-with-the-flow and is used to her idiot friend making mistakes like this.

We went to Longwood Gardens instead.

We looked at flowers instead of sculptures.

It was pretty.

Then we went to eat at the cafe. It was closed.

Then we went to eat at Terrain, which is on the way home. It was closed.

Then we went to Philly and got pizza. All was well.

Then I made waffles and smothered them in ice cream.

I think I made up for my mistakes :)

Happy Birthday Jimmy!


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