Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why This Puke-y Feeling is Totally Worth It

I currently feel like I might throw up. But it's okay. There's a good reason.

Let's go back to the beginning.

Sam and I are easily amused (you should see how excited we get when our pet fish, Leo, swims into his little Spongebob pineapple house in his tank. You would think someone had handed us one million dollars). Yet, we also become bored after a while. Especially when it comes to dessert. We go through phases-for a while we loved Moose-Track ice cream, then Chocolate-Pudding Pie, then TDR (our dining hall) cookies (pictured below are snickerdoodles, a common favorite, laying on top of my Intro to Political Research homework).

But after a while, the cookies weren't enough. I mean, they're still delicious, but they needed a little something to push them over the top. Like melted icing. And peanut butter. And m&ms. And candy bars. And cinnamon sugar. And the kitchen sink.

Basically, we started making cookie sundaes last semester when the cookie itself no longer excited our fancy. And they're back!

Sam made her first creation of the semester the other day using two chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream, and melted chocolate chips (as we hadn't picked up our Betty-Crocker icing from the school store yet).

Then, I requested one today and she simply outdid herself. Pretending she was a competitor on Chopped, Sam went for presentation as well as taste. I received two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with chunky peanut butter and chocolate frosting, topped with whipped cream, surrounded by a moat of peanut m&ms and garnished with chopped peanuts. I'd say this deserves the $10,000 prize, and a bucket for whoever eats the whole thing (me!), because that person may be in need of it later.

Now, you might be thinking, "what on earth is a foodie doing with Betty-Crocker icing, mass-produced cookies, and processed candy?" Well, even I enjoy me some processed food once in a while. If I had the time to make myself breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert from scratch every day, I would. But that's simply impossible at the moment, so I'll enjoy my heart attack cookie sundaes for now.

As for the recipe, there isn't one. Seriously, we've made sundaes with cinnamon buns as a base. Anything can go into your sundae. Just throw your favorite desserts into a bowl and microwave it if it feels right. I always love something melty and gooey for dessert, especially if it's chocolate related.

So go through your cabinets and get crackin'! You won't regret it (even when you feel like that sundae might make a reappearance)!


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