Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Brooke!

This past weekend I traveled up to The College of New Jersey to visit my friend Brooke to celebrate her 21st birthday! Yay Brooke!

And I of course had to provide a baked good.

I based everything on the knowledge that Brooke loves peanut butter and chocolate (what fool doesn't?).

What did I come up with?

Chocolate cake with a peanut butter buttercream coated in a layer of chocolate ganache and garnished with chopped roasted peanuts.

That's a mouthful--a delicious one at that.

Sam and I ate that pool of leftover ganache in its entirety.

This cake is a testament to why I'm not allowed to ice the cakes at work.

Well, I'm allowed to, but I usually get yelled at because they look something like this.

Just kidding, it's not usually that bad.

I'm very thankful for ganache that covers up my horrendous top coat.

The cake was a hit. But, as you might assume, it was super rich so Brooke still has about half the cake to munch on. I hope she enjoys it for many more days.

Oh. And then I went to work. And then I cut my hand opening a can of beans. Yup. It's a pretty dignified stitch job.

And now that I'm stitched it barely looks like an injury despite the fact that I've been severely limited mobility-wise. Couldn't it at least look like something terrible happened?



  1. Franken-hand! Hope you're feeling better, sistah!

  2. I am revolted by your injury. Please wear gloves during Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. I'm not even allowed to sit at the dining room table. I'll be in the kitchen with the cats.